TRAPPED DOWN SOUTH is Kent’s most challenging escape room experience. Have you tried the rest? Then try the best and pit your wits against mind numbing puzzles, exciting clues and just try keep your head as time runs out.

TRAPPED DOWN SOUTH is unlike anything your friends or family have experienced before. 60 minutes of team work, problem solving and solidarity. Teams (from 1 to 6 people) have just one hour to crack the codes and escape using only their deductive powers. Some say it’s elementary, but those who take on this quest lightly may find themselves TRAPPED DOWN SOUTH. For those lucky few who beat the room, why not celebrate with a winner’s photo? But be warned, don’t rest on your laurels, make sure that you come back for another try, as there are two more rooms to beat…

How to Play

  1. Organise your team (Max 6 People)
  2. Choose one of our amazing rooms. Choose from Jigsaw, Cabin Fever or Quarantine.
  3. Book your tickets
  4. Turn up at Bluewater 20 minutes before your allotted time
  5. Pay attention at the briefing
  6. Get locked in a room for 60 minutes
  7. Search for clues, solve the puzzles, and show off just how amazingly clever you are…
  8. Plan your escape, before it’s too late…

The Rooms

At the turn of the last century a prolific serial killer, known as The Judge, managed to escape from prison after brutally murdering four security guards on night duty.

Famous for collecting his victims and subjecting them to a grotesque ‘purity’ test, involving a makeshift torture chamber which he had built in an old abandoned mill. The Judge called his cruel test, the Jigsaw.

If The Judge’s victims were pure, they would pass the test and escape, but if they were not, they would die a horrible death at his evil hands. Of all those who took the Jigsaw test, there are no known survivors.

We now fear that this awful killer may have returned to his old tricks. Three local people have been reported missing over the past few months. You now find yourself locked away, with up to 5 of your closest friends within the sinister world of The Judge.

You have one hour to solve the Jigsaw and escape.
Can you make it through and stay pure or will you be forced to face The Judge?


After attending the most awesome music festival of your lives, you, along with a group of your closest friends arrange another camping trip, this time hundreds of miles from civilisation, out in an old forest surrounded by miles of swampland.

On your first night, after setting up camp and bedding down for the night, you are attacked by a group of crazies. Bloodthirsty, sub-human locals who are not at all welcoming to out-of-towners. At first, you believe that everyone is safe but it soon becomes apparent that one of your group has been taken hostage. The crazies have taken your friend!

It’s a no-brainer, you must save your friend, they’ve been taken and you must get them back. They are the only way that you can get home. Your friend is the only driver and has the key to your survival, the car keys.

Determined to find your friend and after walking for almost a full day you come across a dilapidated cabin buried deep within the swamp. Is this where your friend is being held captive? You watch the cabin for a while and it appears that there is no one there.

You must enter the cabin and find out what has happened to your friend and retrieve the car keys to escape. It’s getting dark and you know that the crazies will be hunting soon! So, be quick and you and your friends might just make it out alive!



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